Sunday, January 20, 2013

Craft room redo

Here is the before picture

Yes, I know....very messy and embarrassing. But I had to show the before so you could appreciate the after....drum roll please

 All this on a budget and about 12 hours of time! First I cleaned the room out. I spray painted the tables white while Hubby  was putting together the shelves.  I made the curtains and the table skirts with out sewing!!! by using heat-n-bond. AWESOME STUFF!!  Then put it all back together. I love it. Now we'll see if I actually use it, who wants to mess up something this beautiful?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have been enjoying making cute booties for my upcoming niece and nephews. Just in case you didn't know, there were 5 frantz women due within 5 months. I was the first due with a little boy, Katie was second, a little boy, Kim 3rd with a little boy, Sarah 4th with a little GIRL, and Tori 5th with a little boy. Come to find out, squished in the middle there, is another little boy cousin!! whew, that is a lot.

These little cowboy booties were a blast to create!! Seriously cute. I had a hard time giving them away. Kim wants to bring home her little boy from the hospital in them, what an honor!

These little beauties are for the lone girl in the pack!! Again, they were fun to make and I know she will love them!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm back

Instead of all cards, this time I am going to mix things up. Right now I am on a crochet kick. Making a lot of gifts for new babies in my family. Katie and Jon recently had their baby and this is what I made them. It was totally fun.
When I finish other projects, or when babies are born and given their gifts, I will post pictures of my creations

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown

Well, after taking a long break from the crafting world, (to get kids healthy and summer started!) I thought now was a great time to get back into the swing of things! A great surprise awaited when I found out that it was the 1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown. Lucky timing I think!! So without further ado, here is the creation for this wonderful event.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laura's sketch 21

Here is my go at Laura's sketch 21 from 2s4y. I loved making this card for a friend who is expecting a little boy, their first, after a pair of girls. YEAH for little boys!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Laura's sketch #20

So, I think I jinxed it. I made this fun spring card because, HEY, the sun is shining and the grass is showing. Then all of the sudden it is snowing...a lot. BOO! I can't believe it. I guess I will hold on to this card for just a while before using it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kazan's sketch 20

So this week at 2s4y there is an awesome sketch by Kazan. Here is my take on the creative sketch. Glad I got it done before the big trip to AZ. Where the sun is shining and the weather is GREAT. A nice change of pace, we are still covered in snow. Here's hoping my 2 year old (with double ear infection) and 5 month old will do ok and not scream the whole way and bother the nice people on the airplane!

*Sorry, the picture is a little tilted making it look uneven.*